Digital Townsquare

For a clever coexistence in Schlieren

The Digital Townsquare is a local and secure communication platform for municipalities, cities and regions. On the interactive app, administrations can reach the population better and offer them a place for exchange - for an active local coexistence.

Numerous functions for an active coexistence

Current and interesting events from your region.

Keep up to date on local news.

Search for help or offer your support.

Exchange, give away or sell items.

Do you need advice or have you got a good tip for your local people?

Create a group, reach the population and interact with likeminded people.

Discuss with other inhabitants around you.

What does your local environment think about certain topics?

Communicate in real-time in private chats.

We are constantly developing new features for our members.

Crossiety is a local and secure platform.

Users sign up with their postal code and only see relevant posts from their township, region and their groups.

Only SMS verified users that are registered with their real name are granted full access to the app. Data is not passed on to third parties.

We connect local communities of interest and offer the opportunity to get involved. Thereby we help to better tap the existing potential.

The interactive, digital exchange supports real contacts and promotes the local participation, engagement and networking.

Did we spark your interest?

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