Version 1.8, as of December 2020

On the platform and in the application of the same name (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Crossiety Platform"), Crossiety offers services and information for the residents of a municipality/city and/or a district and, with the digital village square, offers a platform on which residents can network and communicate with each other as well as with the municipality/city and in associations, institutions and interest groups.

For this purpose, a resident of the respective municipality/city must register at or via the mobile application (hereinafter referred to as "user").

The following rules of conduct are to be understood as netiquette and apply to the User's use of Crossiety's offer on the Crossiety platform. If Crossiety believes that a violation of these guidelines is intentional, repeated, or demonstrably harmful to other Users, the Customers, the Services, or third parties, Crossiety may suspend or terminate your access to the Platform.

  1. Respectful interaction

    On the Crossiety platform a neighborly, i.e. friendly and respectful tone is cultivated. The user therefore treats other users, persons mentioned in his posts and/or other third parties, including Crossiety employees, with respect and consideration and refrains from hostility. Contributions should be written in generally understandable terms and language. Excessive use of smileys/emojis is to be avoided. The user shall take care not to belittle or ridicule anyone and not to use vulgar or hateful language. Profanity, fecal language, crude, ambiguous or obscene language are not permitted. Abusive language, threats and insults, as well as statements that are harmful to reputation or business (e.g. slurring of names or derogatory remarks about appearance) will not be tolerated. Content that may be unsuitable or offensive to minors will also not be tolerated.

  2. No discrimination and defamation

    Racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic and other misanthropic statements in which individuals and/or groups are condemned or disparaged in a sweeping manner are not permitted. Contributions that violate personal rights or discriminate against people on the basis of their gender, ancestry, language, homeland and origin, their faith, their religious or political views, their sexual orientation or a disability will be deleted by Crossiety immediately after becoming known and, if criminally relevant, immediately reported to the police.

  3. Topic reference

    The user's contributions must relate to a specific topic in the context of which they are published, should introduce locally relevant aspects and may contain opposing viewpoints. Spam and flooding contributions, as well as contributions containing Trojans, viruses or other malware will be deleted immediately. This applies analogously to reviews (if any).

  4. No advertising

    Advertising and other content of an advertising nature are prohibited on the platform, unless otherwise expressly agreed with Crossiety and properly labeled in accordance with the applicable broadcasting regulations. However, commercial offers of private persons and/or groups/companies may be published on the marketplace.

  5. Objective argumentation

    Crossiety strives for a constructive discussion on its Crossiety platform. Therefore, the user will try to support his opinion with comprehensible reasons and, as far as possible, cite (third party) sources he refers to. He will respond to the arguments of other users on a factual level. Crossiety expects in this respect to refrain from making and/or spreading unverifiable insinuations or suspicions. Constructive criticism is welcome, if it is formulated in a respectful and factual way and is based on concrete arguments (details). It is clarified that statements of third parties exclusively reflect the opinion of the respective author of the contribution and not the opinion of Crossiety.

  6. Compliance with laws and legal regulations

    The user agrees to comply with laws and legal regulations in his contributions and comments. He especially refrains from statements that could fall under defamation, libel, slander, credit damage or incitement. Calls to violence are not accepted in any form. The user can be held responsible for his contributions. His/her data will be released by Crossiety to third parties or authorities if and when required by law and/or if Crossiety is legally obligated to do so.

  7. No personal data

    Personal data about third parties such as name, address and phone number or details of the private life of others may not be published. This also applies to the user's own particularly sensitive data.

Crossiety asks each user to inform them immediately if a post made by another user is incompatible with the above rules of conduct and with the . This can be done either with the "Report as Inappropriate" function directly on the platform or with an email to In addition, Crossiety reserves the right to independently check contributions on a random basis.

For clarification, it is noted that posts that violate the above rules of conduct will be deleted in whole or in part by Crossiety. Legal recourse is excluded in this respect. In case of questions or concerns, the user can contact Crossiety via email ( and report inadmissible contributions.

In case of serious violations of the rules of conduct, especially in case of disregard of the regulation according to section 2, as well as repeated (i.e. at least twice) violations of other regulations of these rules of conduct, Crossiety has the right to immediately terminate the user's authorization to use the service.

Crossiety reserves the right to change these rules of conduct at any time. If individual provisions of these Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy are or become invalid, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.